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7k Metals Review

7k Metals Review

If you’re considering dipping your toes into the precious metals market, you may have heard of 7k Metals. This company promises not only a chance to invest in gold and silver but also an opportunity to earn through their multi-level marketing structure. But is it all too good to be true?

In this review, we’ll delve deep into what 7k Metals has to offer. We’ll examine how it works, whether it’s a scam or legitimate business, and if it operates as an MLM or pyramid scheme. You’ll learn about membership benefits, their Gold Backed Self Directed IRA option, the products they offer, and who owns the company. And most importantly, we’ll assess whether you can truly make money with 7k Metals.

So buckle up as we give you an objective analysis of this intriguing venture in the world of precious metals trading.

What is 7k Metals?

7K Metals is a fun-to-delve-into MLM company that’s all about buying and selling precious metals, with an exciting chance to earn commissions from your sales and those of your downline. It’s an opportunity for you to enter the market of precious metals – think gold, silver, platinum.

However, this venture isn’t without its detractors who cite the high cost of these metals as a potential barrier. You must remember that while 7K Metals offers you a platform to trade in valuable resources, it also requires participation in their mandatory auto-ship program. You might be wondering what that means for you? Simply put, you’re required to make regular purchases irrespective of whether or not there’s demand for them. This could result in surplus inventory on your end if there’s limited market interest.

Another point worth noting is the challenge inherent in MLM sales and recruitment. Sure, 7K Metals is a legitimate MLM company – it isn’t a pyramid scheme or scam where income generation depends solely on recruitment rather than product sale. But like other MLMs, success hinges on your ability to recruit new members and sell products which can be quite taxing for many individuals.

It’s essential you bear these factors in mind before investing time and money into 7K Metals. While it presents an intriguing opportunity for people interested in trading precious metals, it may not be the most practical investment option due to the associated challenges presented by high costs, limited market scope, and reliance on recruitment-based compensation structure.

How Does it Work?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you might think! To start earning with the 7K Metals Compensation plan, you’ll need to sign up new members who will either pay a $250 annual fee or purchase coins with automatic delivery.

Your earnings are determined by a point system that takes into account how much you’ve sold and the purchases made by the affiliates that you’ve signed up.

You should bear in mind that 7K Metals only pays out on the least amount of sales made. This means if your two teams have unequal amounts of points, you’re paid based on the team with fewer points. It promotes an incentive for balance and growth on both sides of your binary structure.

The commission plans are straightforward: earn $500 per week for 500 points worth of sales or double it up to $1000 per week for 1,000 points worth of sales. Any accumulation between these two figures gets reset every week so aim to surpass those thresholds within each weekly cycle.

But there’s more; to qualify for payout, make sure you maintain at least 25 points every month yourself and ensure each new member signs up with at least 25 points too. And did I mention about their matching bonus? You get a nifty little bonus offer where they match an additional 5% for anyone you sign up!

So while there may seem like many moving parts in this compensation plan, understanding how they interact is key to maximizing your potential earnings from this opportunity.

Is it a Scam?

Despite all the moving parts, it’s not fair to label this opportunity as a scam. 7K Metals operates within legal parameters and provides genuine products.

However, the process of making money can be challenging and quite complex. The compensation plan is based on a restrictive point system where you earn 20 points for each product sold; however, the catch is that you only receive a payout after accumulating 500 points.

This method requires significant effort and patience. You’ll need to sell a considerable number of products before seeing any monetary return on your investment, which could potentially deter some people from pursuing this avenue of income generation. It’s crucial to bear in mind that success isn’t guaranteed with 7K Metals – or indeed with any business venture – despite what promotional material might suggest.

Moreover, there seems to be a lack of transparency when it comes to member earnings. The absence of available information about what members are actually earning is concerning because it makes it harder for potential members like yourself to make an informed decision about whether or not this program would be profitable for you.

In assessing whether 7K Metals is right for you, remember that every business opportunity has its risks and rewards. While there are ways to generate income through this program, they may require more work than initially perceived due to the nature of their compensation plan structure. So while not technically a scam, do tread carefully when considering involvement with 7K Metals – ensuring fully understanding the commitment required before diving in headfirst into this venture.

MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

While it’s essential to understand the difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme when evaluating business opportunities like this one, it’s equally important to remember that just because an operation isn’t technically illegal doesn’t mean it’s entirely above board. This is particularly relevant when considering 7k Metals as they require customers to become members before purchasing products and place heavy emphasis on recruiting new members.

Now, you may wonder: Is 7k Metals an MLM or a pyramid scheme? Here are three points to consider:

  1. Product Availability: Unlike typical pyramid schemes, 7k Metals offers legitimate products – precious metals. In a pyramid scheme, there would be no real product or service.
  2. Membership Requirement: While most retail businesses sell products directly to consumers without any membership requirements, 7k Metals insists on membership for purchases. This strategy leans towards Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) models where profits come from both selling products and recruiting new members.
  3. Recruitment Emphasis: A significant indicator of MLMs or potential pyramid schemes is their recruitment focus. If the company’s income largely depends on enrolling new members rather than selling its products, caution is advised.

Taking these points into account can help clarify whether you’re dealing with an MLM or a more dubious pyramid-scheme-like setup. Remember also to consult reliable third-party reviews such as those found on the Better Business Bureau for additional insights about the firm’s reputation and practices.

Remember that legality does not always equate with ethical practice; even if a company operates within legal boundaries, scrutinize its actions carefully before getting involved—your financial well-being deserves no less diligence.

Membership Benefits

You’ll find that being a member of 7k comes with some pretty enticing benefits. The first and foremost benefit is the access to their exclusive basic membership. This allows you to delve into the world of precious metals in a way you may not have been able to before. You can explore various forms such as bullion, popular graded coins, gold bars, and more. It’s like having your own treasure chest that you can add to at any time, right at your fingertips.

Not only do you get unprecedented access to precious metals, but there’s also the digital real estate aspect of it. Here, the platform provides an all-in-one place for members to experience this unique combination. The digital real estate offers an opportunity for potential growth and profit in today’s increasingly digital economy.

The 7k Members Share Plan presents another perk where members are part of a cooperative community online with co-members. This plan creates a sense of camaraderie among members, providing opportunities for interaction and mutual benefit.

Furthermore, there’s also the 7k Associate Agreement which plays out online among its community members too. All these benefits provide more than just monetary value; they create experiences that enrich one’s understanding of the market dynamics involved in precious metal investments.

It’s evident that being a member of 7k isn’t just about investing in precious metals or getting access to digital property; it’s about becoming part of something bigger – an informed community where knowledge sharing happens regularly amidst like-minded individuals who see value beyond mere transactions.

Gold Backed Self Directed IRA

Ever thought about safeguarding your retirement with gold? If you’re like many of our Members, you understand the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio. That’s why at 7k, we offer the opportunity to back your self-directed IRA with eligible Gold and Silver bullion — a safe and secure way to protect your future.

Now, let’s break it down into three main points:

  1. Eligible Bullion: Not all precious metals are created equal, or more accurately, they aren’t all equally recognized by IRS standards. At 7k Metals, we provide eligible bullion that meets these standards so you can invest confidently in your future.
  2. Diversified Portfolio: By backing your self-directed IRA with Gold and Silver bullion from 7k Metals, you’re adding an extra layer of security to your retirement plan. Precious metals have repeatedly proven their worth as a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.
  3. Trusted Custodial Company: We don’t just leave you hanging once you’ve purchased your bullion. In fact, we can also help connect you with our trusted custodial company who will manage the storage of your precious metal assets efficiently.

As an analytical and detail-oriented investor, it’s crucial for you to know exactly where and how your money is being invested. Backing up one’s retirement funds with physical Gold and Silver from 7k is not only a smart move but also provides peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens in the economy or stock market – tangible wealth remains intact.

So there it is – another great reason to join us at 7k Metals! Protecting your future has never been more golden!

What Products Do they Offer?

At 7k, we’re more than just a precious metals company; we offer a wide array of products that can cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our extensive selection includes everything from gold and silver coins to exclusive membership packages.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the world of precious metals, we have something for everyone. Our gold selection boasts an assortment of bullion bars and coins. You’ll find American Eagles, Australian Kangaroos, Canadian Maples, South African Krugerrands and much more. We also carry silver options such as the Silver American Eagle coin and various weights in .999 fine silver bars.

For those interested in platinum or palladium, rest assured knowing these sought-after metals are also part of our product line-up. Each one is meticulously inspected for quality before being made available on our platform.

We present rare collectible coins too like MS70 Gold Eagles which come with their unique certification number accrediting its perfect condition. Not only do they offer potential financial benefits but they are also pieces of history right at your fingertips.

Looking beyond tangible assets, 7k offers memberships that provide access to numerous benefits including discounted prices on precious metals purchases, points rewards programs, opportunities for passive income through referrals and even sound financial education resources.

The variety in our offerings reflects not only our commitment to customer satisfaction but also our understanding that diversification is key when it comes to investments. Navigating the world of precious metals investment isn’t always straightforward but with 7k’s range of products coupled with expert guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions matching your financial goals.

Who Owns 7k metals?

7k is the brainchild of four industry veterans: Zack Davis, Richard Hansen, Roger Ball, and Josh Anderson, each bringing unique expertise and a wealth of experience to the table. Their diverse backgrounds give 7k Metals a strong foundation for success in the network marketing realm.

Zack Davis is a seasoned MLM professional who got his start while still in college. He co-operated Black Ink International since 2011, and his business experience coupled with his knowledge of MLMs lends invaluable insight into effective management practices for 7k Metals.

Richard Hansen brings over three decades of experience in network marketing to the team. His niche lies within precious metals collection and mining, providing an insider’s perspective on this somewhat specialized field. His veteran status lends credibility to 7k Metals.

Roger Ball is an entrepreneur at heart with previous ownership of JD Premium under his belt. His involvement with Paycation since 2012 has allowed him to understand different aspects of network marketing that he applies effectively at 7k Metals.

Josh Anderson built a team of over 18,000 people in just one year when he was introduced to network marketing. This impressive feat shows his ability to lead and inspire others. As the former CEO of JD Premium from 2009-2011 and currently heading up another company boasting more than 26,000 members, he clearly understands how to navigate challenges related to scale.

This quartet forms a formidable leadership team at the helm of 7k Metals. With their mutual passion for MLMs combined with vast knowledge spanning various industries, they are uniquely positioned for continued growth and success in this competitive sector.

Can You Make Money with 7k Metals?

While it’s technically possible to earn some income with 7k Metals, you’ll find that most people struggle to make significant earnings due to the company’s restricted point system.

You see, for every product sold, you earn a mere 20 points. But hold on – there’s a catch. You need to accumulate an astounding 500 points before you can receive any payout. This high threshold makes it challenging for sales representatives to obtain substantial earnings.

The lack of transparency from the company concerning its members’ income further fuels skepticism about its profitability potential. The fact that they’ve not disclosed this crucial information does little in inspiring confidence in prospective or current reps looking to make money with them.

Given these circumstances, it’s reasonable to infer that only a small number of individuals are actually successful at making money through 7k Metals. This mirrors the typical scenario found in many multi-level marketing (MLM) companies where the vast majority of participants end up losing money rather than earning profits.

Moreover, the low success rate linked with MLMs could also be attributed in part to compensation plans like those used by 7k Metals. Such restricted point systems tend not only to limit earning potentials but may also deter prospective reps from joining or staying with the company long term.

It seems clear then that while making money with 7k Metals isn’t impossible, it will likely prove quite difficult for most people due primarily to their restrictive point system and overall lack of income transparency from the company itself.


In conclusion, 7k Metals offers an intriguing blend of precious metals and a multi-level marketing business model. You’ll need to weigh the pros, such as membership benefits and diverse product offerings, against potential cons like pyramid scheme concerns.

Ultimately, making money with 7k Metals might be possible but it’s no easy feat. Always conduct thorough research before diving into any investment opportunity.

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