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Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group Review

If you’re considering diversifying your investment portfolio, Patriot Gold Group may have piqued your interest. As a leading provider of precious metals IRAs, their commitment to empowering investors has earned them considerable praise.

But what’s the real scoop? In this analytical review, we’ll delve into how Patriot Gold operates, scrutinize their fee structure and highlight the benefits of a Precious Metals IRA. You’ll learn why many choose Patriot Gold and meet some key players behind the scenes.

We’ve collated customer reviews for an unbiased perspective and will address the elephant in the room – is Patriot Gold Group truly a legitimate company? This data-driven review aims to answer all these questions and more, allowing you to make an informed decision about your financial future.

So sit tight as we shine a light on every aspect of this gold investment powerhouse.

How Does Patriot Gold Group Work?

Patriot Gold Group operates by empowering you, the client, to take control of your financial future through educated and secure investments in Precious Metals – it’s a straightforward yet powerful approach towards wealth preservation. They function as an intermediary between you and the complex world of precious metals investing.

Their primary goal is to provide a safe and simple path for you to diversify your investment portfolio with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

With over 50 years of combined experience in this sector, Patriot Gold Group offers a comprehensive knowledge base that ensures you’re making informed decisions about your finances. The experts at this firm have held senior management roles at some of the largest Precious Metals firms nationwide. They’ve identified key areas such as customer satisfaction, education, retention, and service as potential flaws within their industry – they strive to excel in these areas to provide you with an unparalleled experience.

The foundation of their work lies in creating customized strategies tailored specifically for each client’s needs. Whether it’s securing your retirement or preserving wealth against economic uncertainties, they guide you every step of the way through an easy-to-understand process.

Their working methodology revolves around transparency and communication. You’ll never be left in the dark about where your money is going or how much risk is involved. Instead, they keep you informed throughout each stage so that all decisions are made confidently.

Investing with Patriot Gold Group means taking charge of your financial destiny with knowledgeable partners who prioritize your needs above everything else – ensuring not just fiscal growth but also peace of mind for years ahead.


With no fees for life, isn’t it time you considered diversifying your portfolio with a precious metals IRA account? At the Patriot Gold Group, we understand that every cent counts when it comes to investing. That’s why we’ve eliminated all annual fees for life on qualifying IRAs.

Let’s dive into the details and analyze what this means for you. Typically, most companies charge yearly maintenance and storage fees which can range from $75 to over $500 per annum. This might seem insignificant in the short term but remember, investments are long-term commitments. Over 20 or 30 years, these small charges can accumulate into thousands of dollars – money that could have been invested and grown further.

By choosing Patriot Gold Group’s IRA service, you’re not just saving on these unnecessary expenses; you’re also investing in an asset that has consistently outperformed traditional stocks. Precious metals like gold and silver offer a hedge against inflation and protect your wealth against future market crashes.

In addition to fee-free services, our team at Patriot Gold Group offers comprehensive customer support throughout your investment journey. We guide you through the process of opening an account, picking suitable precious metal products based on current data analysis, arranging secure storage solutions and even assisting with any rollovers or transfers from existing retirement accounts.

You see, by eliminating fees and focusing on value-driven service, we ensure that your hard-earned money is working tirelessly towards securing your financial future. So why wait? Diversify your portfolio today with our no-fees-for-life precious metals IRA account at Patriot Gold Group!

Benefits of a Precious Metals IRA

Investing in a Precious Metals IRA offers numerous benefits, providing not only a safeguard against economic uncertainties but also an excellent avenue for diversification and growth.

In the current volatile market conditions, it’s imperative to have a diversified portfolio. Precious metals like gold and silver can act as an effective hedge against inflation and the decreasing value of the dollar. They are tangible assets that have stood the test of time, consistently maintaining or even increasing their value.

The 2008 financial crash cut the wealth of most Americans in half. However, those who had invested in precious metals were able to weather this storm more effectively due to their countercyclical nature.

Over the past 12 years, gold and silver have significantly outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, illustrating their reliability during periods of instability.

Further enhancing your financial security is the fact that gains from a Precious Metals IRA are tax-deferred as long as proceeds remain with your custodian for reinvestment or are transferred to another IRA. This allows your investment to grow unhindered by taxation until withdrawal.

Let’s consider some data: since 1900, while the dollar has lost about 98.2% of its purchasing power, gold has increased in value 53.9 times! That’s not all – recently in 2017 alone, despite the dollar performing dismally against other major currencies (a decline by around 12% against the Euro), gold continued its strong performance offsetting losses from a weakening U.S dollar.

By investing in a Precious Metals IRA, you’re obtaining control over physical assets like gold and silver, which offer freedom, growth, and above all – security amidst uncertainty!

Why Patriot Gold?

When you’re navigating the complex world of precious metal investments, it’s crucial to have a trusted partner on your side, and that’s exactly what we offer at our esteemed organization.

At Patriot Gold, we understand the intricacies involved in setting up an IRA account invested in precious metals like gold. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring an efficient process with smooth paperwork.

Let’s consider some reasons why you should choose Patriot Gold:

  1. Smooth Paper Work: We know how daunting documentation can be. That’s why our experts guide you through every step of opening a Gold IRA account with simple and easy documentation.
  2. Simple Account Management: Once your Gold IRA account is opened, rest assured that it will be managed professionally. You don’t need to worry about any hitches as our experts ensure seamless management.
  3. Secure Vault Storage: Your precious metals are safe with us. We provide secure vault storage services across different locations in the USA where you can store your gold assets confidently.
  4. Home Safe Storage: For those who prefer having their precious metals close by, we’ve got you covered too! We’ll assist you in finding the right home safe storage solution that suits your individual needs.

With Patriot Gold Group, not only are you investing smartly but also securely with a dependable partner guiding each step of the way. So when considering investing in precious metals for retirement purposes or simply diversifying your portfolio, remember that choosing Patriot Gold means choosing peace of mind alongside financial security and growth potential without unnecessary hassles or complications.

Key Members

Let’s delve into the profiles of key members who contribute significantly to our operation’s success, each possessing unique skill sets and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Our CEO, Jack Hanney, is a seasoned market player with over 20 years of experience. His expertise is widely acknowledged in the industry, making him a cornerstone of our operations.

Senior Partner Mike Celano brings a deep understanding of economic discrepancies, macroeconomics, currencies, and global markets. With his stellar academic background and executive management experience at Costco – the world’s second-largest retailer – Mike has honed his skills under William O’Neill, one of history’s most successful stockbrokers.

Charley Chartoff, another Senior Partner, made his mark initially by investing in Southern California Real Estate where he acquired an impressive portfolio. He then shifted his focus to hard assets like Gold & Silver with particular attention on Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Charley recognized early on the immense benefits inherent in having your retirement backed by precious metals.

Then there’s Andrew Clay – a Senior Account Executive with an Ivy League background who started his finance career under William O’Neill as well. As a decorated ex-Marine serving under Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and crossing Muammar Gadaffi’s “Line of Death,” Andy demonstrates exceptional bravery and leadership.

Frank Johnson completes this team as another Senior Account Executive. Having spent thirteen years diversifying IRAs at some of America’s largest retail precious metal firms, Frank lends us invaluable insight into portfolio management strategies.

This group forms the backbone of Patriot Gold Group – ensuring that every client receives sound advice based on deep knowledge and vast industry experience.

Customer Reviews

You’ve made the right choice, as echoed by countless satisfied customers whose testimonials reflect their positive experiences and successful investments. Patriot Gold Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the glowing reviews it has received.

These testimonies are a testament to the company’s dedication to providing excellent service, efficient transactions, and informed investment advice.

Customers have commended Patriot Gold Group on several aspects:

  • Efficient Transactions: Many customers have lauded how simple and efficient transferring their IRA was with Patriot Gold Group.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The company is praised for its dedicated customer service staff who provide clear communication and swift responses.
  • Informed Investment Advice: Reviews highlight that Mike, one of the primary account managers at Patriot Gold Group, offers well-informed advice that has led to profitable investments.
  • Highly Recommended: A wealth of customers highly recommend Patriot Gold Group for precious metal investments due to their comprehensive investor services.

These reviews reflect an overall satisfaction rating based on 770 ratings from Consumer Affairs. The fact that these reviews come from a reputable third-party source adds credibility to them. They reveal not just the efficiency of transaction processes but also underscore the knowledgeability of account managers like Mike who ensure profitable decisions.

As you consider investing with Patriot Gold Group, these reviews serve as powerful affirmations of their reliable service and expertise in precious metals investment. With such high praise from numerous clients testifying about their successful outcomes, your decision becomes even more reassuring. Trusting your precious metal investments with this group means joining a community of satisfied investors who’ve witnessed tangible growth in their portfolios over time.

Is Patriot Gold Group a Legitimate Company?

Having explored customer reviews, it’s clear that Patriot Gold Group has established a strong reputation among its clientele. But you might still be wondering, is Patriot Gold Group a legitimate company?

Let me lay your concerns to rest: Yes, it most assuredly is. Having been recognized as the top-rated Gold & Silver Dealer nationwide by Consumer Affairs for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020, this accolade alone attests to the firm’s credibility and reliability in the marketplace. It’s not an honor lightly bestowed or easily maintained; it requires consistent excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

The founders of Patriot Gold Group have leveraged their extensive experience—over 50 collective years—in senior management roles at some of the largest retail and wholesale Precious Metals firms across America. They’ve identified key areas where these firms often fall short: client satisfaction, education, retention, and customer service. By addressing these shortcomings head-on within their own enterprise, they’ve created a business model that prioritizes you—the investor.

Patriot Gold Group offers clients like you direct access to its owners—a rare opportunity that underscores transparency and trustworthiness. Your investment journey begins with a safe, simple approach backed by insightful education about Precious Metals investing.

So yes, Patriot Gold Group isn’t just legitimate—it sets new industry standards for client care while guiding investors towards financial freedom and security. This isn’t merely about transacting business; it’s about forging lasting relationships built on mutual respect and shared goals for wealth preservation and retirement planning.


You’ve seen the data, scrutinized the fees, and heard from other customers. It’s clear that Patriot Gold Group is a legitimate company offering tangible benefits with their Precious Metals IRA.

You’re not just taking our word for it – you’re making an informed decision based on facts and figures.

So, if you’re thinking of safeguarding your retirement funds against market volatility, don’t hesitate to consider Patriot Gold Group.

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